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Our areas of expertise are, among others, science and medicine, finance and insurance, law, technology, marketing and communication, life sciences, business...

Translation and interpreting

A good-quality translation is one that, in its language and in its meaning, in its expression and in its style, is not recognisable as such.

The role of interpreter is not only to convey what’s just been said; it must also convey the subtext, in other words what is also implied in the message.

An interpreter must therefore be 100% familiar with the cultural differences of their languages of work in order to avoid all misunderstandings.


Translation of all types of documents

  • Articles, reports, publications,
  • Manuals, operating instructions, assembly and maintenance instructions,
  • Contracts, GSTCs, agreements, specifications,
  • Websites, prospectuses, brochures, presentations,
  • Press releases, newsletters,
  • All commercial documentation,
  • as well as all documents specific to your individual activity.

Translation into practically all languages

Our network of translators enables us to meet the needs to translate into all the regular European languages.

However, to meet the growing demand resulting from the globalisation of economic trade, we are also able to provide translations into languages that are less high-profile.


Liaison interpreter

“It is not only the words that differ from one language to another, it is also the ideas that they convey, the ways of thinking and speaking.” (François Bizot, anthropologist)

DS Paris places at your disposal liaison interpreters for your business meetings and negotiations, your international trade fairs, factory and construction site visits, your training courses and seminars…



Translations to be submitted to management, administrative bodies or courts must be certified in the majority of cases.

Our professional, accredited translators render the translations and certify them.


Rereading and correcting a translated text are not only recommended but also essential. Your business’ image and reputation are also dependent on the quality of your translations.

We ensure that your documents are reread and revised so that they are faultless at all levels. Copy-editing also involves the revision of “old” translations with a view to updating the data, the style and the terminology.


We draw up glossaries and terminology lists in cooperation with our customers.

A glossary specific to the business in question is an essential element in taking into account the culture of that business.

Professional trade fairs

This service involves taking care of all the language services prior to, during and subsequent to a professional trade fair.

We translate your documents, provide the interpreting services during your discussions or negotiations and greet the visitors to your stand during the trade fair.

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