Commercial Director

After studying economics at university and following many years spent in property management, Alain DUVIVIER set up and coordinated structures for managing long-distance relations with the customer base on behalf of a major French banking group. Today Alain DUVIVIER is responsible for the commercial development of DS PARIS Conseils & Traductions.

Thanks to his experience and expertise in various fields, he can advise you within the framework of your projects both in France and internationally on matters extending beyond questions of translation.

Technical Director

After studying at universities in France and Germany, Brigitte SOUVETON-REICHEL has been practising as a business and industry translator/interpreter for more than 25 years. Since 2010 she has been in charge of training future translators and interpreters at AKAD University in Stuttgart; she has also written educational material within the framework of this course. Thanks to her passion for languages and cultures, she has made it her speciality to raise awareness of intercultural differences in day-to-day professional life.

The combination of our areas of expertise makes DS PARIS Conseils & Traductions a high-quality partner, capable of responding to questions from businesses and organisations in the heart of Europe, where the demand for international communication never stops growing.